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I'm spinning at The French Night again next friday (5/21) http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=123542677672578&ref=ts so this week's internet hophop turntabalpodcast features some of my favorite french music

AGENDA (pardon the lack of correct french punctuation i don't know hoaow to make my keyboard do that shit):

Sylvie Vartan - La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser

Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie and Clyde

France Gall - Elle, Ella L'a

Guru/Mc Solaar - Le Bien, Le Mal

Noir Desir - Un Homme Presse

Pigalle - Pigalle

Daft Punk - Da Funk

Stereo Total - Tu Ma's Voule

Olivia Ruiz - Voisine Voisin

Justice - We Are Your Friends

Belleville Rendevous

Etienne De Crecy - Funk

Jean Michel Jarre - (don't know what teh song is called srry)


this volume of lister higgins internet hophop turntabal podcast includes: ditc/thirdbass/ericsermon/koolgrap/artifacts/bobjames/barrabas/awb/incredibalbongoband


artsy fartsy v. dirty harry (julien donkey boy)
furore (stereo total)
me and the devil (gil scott-heron)
linoleum (company flow)
sour sour times (portishead)
wu chess challenge (paul barman)
we are the pagans (black moth super rainbow)
bubbles rap (trailor park boys)
bend your mind (elysian fields)
bubblz (anti pop consortium)
hit me (mc face)
ebonics inst (big l)
black jack (donald byrd)
tumba rhumba (a certain ratio)
boomerang (big punisher)
time machine (garage a trois)


buckethead-false raiden cross
the zombies-she's not there
dj spooky-dj spooky vs the dub pistols
curtis mayfield and the impressions-future shock
art of noise-peter gunn
freestyle fellowship-cornbread
pete rock & cl smooth-good life (group home remix)


this is a recording of an imporvisational electronic PreopMilf set at the galactic egg room in seattle warshington that happened a couple of weekends ago. recorded with the mic on my dv camera. wouldve posted the footage, but it was just pointed at my foot the whole time, so it's not very exciting.
PreopMilf= doc (guitar, PersonalMusicAssistant, laptop) lister (turntabal, korg electribe er1, roland sp-808, rc-50 loopings pedal)

as always there was some technical difficulties due to hastily arranged gear and no sound check that eventually were resolved to a certain extent 5 or 10 minutes into the set, and i'm pretty sure doc was playing guitar a lot, but it didn't seem to show up on the recoarding.


i got bored as shit at work, and i has recording software on my computer, so i hooked up a shitty headset mic and made this extremely important piece of music with an empty 20 oz mountain dew bottle, a tin of promotional mints, and a rubbar band. complete with the pings from coworkers IMing me , keyboard typing noises, and i also answered my phone at one point (normally i wouldn't let something like a phone call interrupt my creative process, but i needed to secure a ride home).



This weeks shitcast consists of two live recordings that were made in a kitchen and a basement respectively.

MUSIC MAJOR (circa jan 2009) is an avant garde expiremental electronic butt-jazz fusion big band featuring some of sp0kane, warshington's heaviest hitters when it comes to making shitty noises. this is a small selection from an imporvisational session of sonic circle-jerkery. the group's membars frequently rotate positions and play multiple instroments, but personell for this particular chunk is as follows.

lister (preopmilf, e.s.p., variables) - keyboark
quiz (gunofthesun, cheap meat suits, e.s.p.)- korg er-1 percussion synth machine / samplar
ben (zingaia, jehovasplosion)- bass
dan (lust falcon, communist manifesto weekly)- guitar
pwrecks (bad penmanship)- sampals
sean (sean don and the vagmullets)- music major keyboard
ion (variables, e.s.p.)- engineer
miss master miss- conductor


CREDIT GOD (circa june 2008) is a very important piece of music by PreopMilf. the piece was performed live in a basement during a rehearsal session and recorded onto a mono track with a shitload of tape-hiss. interestingly enough, when it came time to perform the piece live for an audience of upwards of 8 people, the pa system's mixer picked up an AM radio signal for pretty much the entire 40 minute set, so there was geico commercials and barack obama primary election coverage draped over all of the important music that was being made. unfortunately quiz got drunk as shit and forgot to record the epic performance.

Doc Frost- guitar, laptop, drum machines, etc
Lister- turntabal, keyb0ard, guitar


another clusterfuck of beats and noises.

nutritional information:

miroslav vitous (concierto in e minor)- 2mg
mobb deep (clap instrumental)- 10mg
the frogs (my goat just died today) - 25mg
your business card is crap- 35mg
dead kennedys (california uber alles- in god we trust inc. version)- 100mg
when do we eat?- 40mg
brian auger's oblivion express (brain damage)- 15mg
swine flu is a fucking lie- 40mg
mannie fresh (conversation)- 35mg
old time relijun (reptiles)- 100mg
korg electribe er-1 sauce- 200mg